How Studying a Football Team’s Attack Can Determine Its Results


For the sake of this article, let’s imagine a team called ‘Team ABC’. The team competes in a domestic league against 19 other teams over a period of 9 – 10 months and the team that finishes first in the domestic league wins it. You have been a lifelong supporter of ‘Team ABC’ and it has a great history in its domestic league. Having followed the team for very long, you want to make some money by betting on the team winning with the help of sites that predict football matches correctly.

So, would you bet on your favorite team winning just because of your love for them? Or would you rather use your head and bet on them winning when you know for sure that they will defeat their opponents? The latter sounds better, doesn’t it? The great thing is that there are sites that predict football matches correctly to help you. You can ask the following questions to analyze your team’s attack and predict the results accurately and hence, bet on your team winning wisely.

#1: How Many Regular Goalscorers Does Your Team Have?

Every football team has a goalscorer that the team relies on for the major share of its goals. Some of the top teams in the world boast of multiple attackers who score 20 or more goals each and every season, depending on their fitness levels throughout the season. Identify the goalscorers in your team and see whether they are playing in the round of matches for which you want to bet on your team.

Chances are that if they play, your team will automatically have a higher chance of winning. However, if they are injured and are left out of the starting eleven, the chances of your team winning would go down drastically. You can rely on sites that predict football matches correctly for accurate goalscoring statistics.

#2: What Type of Goals Do Your Team’s Goalscorers Score?

Some attackers have a penchant for scoring headed goals, while some others love to pounce on loose balls inside the box, and there are many who specialize in scoring from set-pieces. It’s important to understand the goalscoring qualities of the goalscorers who have been selected to start a particular match.

Also, you can do a lot of thorough analysis and research work regarding the opposition’s defense to find out their weaknesses and see what kind of goals are likely to be scored. Again, you can find this information from sites that predict football matches correctly.

#3: How Does Your Team Perform When Your Team’s Regular Goalscorers Don’t Score?

Even the greatest goalscorers on the planet don’t score in every match they play in. Before placing your bets, you should go through sites that predict football matches correctly to check how others in the team step up when the regular goalscorers aren’t scoring. If your team has a midfielder or a defender who has the capacity to compensate for your key goalscorers’ lack of goals, then there’s no reason why you can’t bet in your team’s favor.

If such thorough analysis is not your cup of tea, then you can always turn to renowned soccer prediction tipsters to do the research and advise you in exchange for a small fee.


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